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Do you love cakes? Looking for a cake recipe?

I suppose that I need not ask or else how would you have landed here. Fear not! As we have easy cake recipes to share with you.

Cakes are fabulous dessert recipes that can be made for all occasions, birthday, baptism, Christmas cakes, wedding cakes etc. Cakes are often served as dessert after a healthy dinner or sometimes they are simply served as tea-time snacks.

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In our house, it is a bit different. When I start with a cake recipe, I usually end up preparing a big size cake (20-25 servings). This is because we love having cakes as our breakfast feast in the morning.

Occasionally, if I am in the mood of being innovative and creative, I prepare two cakes, one for my family and the other for my office colleagues as I like to gather their opinion on the new cake recipe.

Enjoy with your family or treat your friends with your innovative cake recipes

All you need is a bit of variations, a magic touch with cake decorations and VOILA! Watch your family and friends go mouth wide open.

Ah! What a lovely cake! Did you bake it yourself!

I am sure you are finding it exciting so did I when I first started. Making a cake is not as difficult as it may look. With time and practice, you will be able to prepare the perfect cake recipe.

I remember when I tried to make my first chocolate cake recipes, everything went wrong and I finally ended up with a 20 cm chocolate biscuit rather than a chocolate cake. I must have over baked it. We did have tough time eating eat.

Oh those poor teeth!

Delicious Cake Recipes Just For You!

Here you will find easy cake recipes that you can practice on and also some more difficult ones to flatter your family and friends

Cakes come in variety of textures and forms. We can make wonderful cakes with the range of fruits currently available in the market, strawberry, banana, cherry etc.

So get on your apron and let’s bake some easy cake recipes!

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